Your Journey

Thinking about change

People use their addiction as a coping strategy. They see it as a way to self-soothe or self-medicate in an effort to become happy again. And yes, it works for a short time. Then the use itself becomes problematic and brings with it a host of other issues; financial, personal, legal – and starts to seriously affect relationships, families and careers. Addiction is never about the substance itself – it’s always about what the substance is trying to cover in an effort to avoid, deny or forget. We call this the root cause of the addiction problem and it’s the key to our successful treatment.

It’s time to find new ways of coping

So, here you are. Your addiction created a solution which worked for a while, but it no longer serves you. Therefore it’s time to update those strategies and find better ways to cope and self-soothe. Once we have identified the root cause of your particular addiction – and everybody has one – we can focus on developing a better quality of life. Using self-empowerment, we can take you from your unhealthy state of mind into a healthier, happier place where you will reduce the need to self-soothe through drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other addictive behaviour.

Are you ready to change?

There’s a natural tendency to feel nervous about making changes in your life. People will start thinking about change when when they’re sick of being in pain or suffering from the consequences of their addictive behaviour. There are five recognised stages of change in recovery:

  • Pre-Contemplative/Unaware
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action/trying
  • Maintenance

Once you’ve identified which stage you’re at, and have decided to make a change in your life, then we can help. If you think you’re ready to change, then take the next step.