The Whitehaven Clinic ™ Ending Patterns of Violence (EPV) Treatment Program

The Ending Patterns of Violence (EPV) Treatment Program is designed to address the underlying root cause of problematic behaviours and violent responses. The program focuses on improved self-awareness, developing strategies to eliminate violence and reactivity, and creating healthy relationships and families by developing behaviours, attitudes and beliefs aligned with this vision.

The goal of the Ending Patterns of Violence Treatment Program is for participants to develop long-term sustainable behavioural change. The focus of the program is for participants to understand the underlying root cause of their violent and offending behaviours, and “why I do what I do”. This provides self-knowledge and self-empowerment to develop better quality strategies moving forward.

Strategies included in this program lend themselves to creating better domestic relationships, healthy thinking styles, management of triggers and providing alternatives to resorting to violence.

This program covers the same learning outcomes as the prison-based Violent Offenders Treatment Program.

How The Whitehaven Clinic’s™ EPV program is different:


  • This is an individualised and structured program; there is no group work.
  • The program is specifically tailored to address your unique treatment needs.
  • The program is based on psychological based personality profiling so you understand your underlying personality-based triggers.
  • Each session is 90 minutes long allowing for in-depth work (it goes quicker than you think!).

What you will learn:


  1. How to develop healthy relationships and a healthy family dynamic;
  2. The best tools and strategies to get positive outcomes in your relationships.
  3. What is really triggering your anger and how to stop the patterns of violence;
  4. How to embed the strategies that you’ve learnt in the ARP Program;
  5. How to build trust in your relationships;
  6. How underlying personality-based triggers are creating conflict in your key relationships and the resolution to this;
  7. Understand where the trouble spots are in your relationships and how to avoid them whilst getting your point across;
  8. Different communication strategies that will help you to resolve and minimise conflict;
  9. How to co-create, implement and hold healthy boundaries that your loved ones are in agreement with;
  10. What to do when things go wrong.

To learn more about our EPV Program and cost, please contact us directly at the clinic on (08) 6454 2510 or email info@whitehavenclinic.com.au and an information pack will be sent through to you.

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