Day Rehab Program

Our most popular service is our Addiction Recovery Process Day Rehabilitation Program; an intensive program with you and your recovery team spending up to 20 hours a week together over a 8 – 12 week period (average is between 6 to 8 hours per week).

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At The Whitehaven Clinic, we specialise in individualised programs and offer our clients dedicated, one-on-one personalised care. At your initial assessment we will determine your current state of health so that we can develop a treatment plan that specifically addresses your requirements.

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Medical Detox

If you are severely dependant on drugs or alcohol, you may need medical detoxification to reduce your physical dependence on the substance before you can begin our Day Rehab Program.

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Whitehaven Clinic ™ Addiction Recovery Process Program for Parents & Partners

The one clear leader to increase the likelihood of a client getting better during treatment is having a solid family-based support network. Ensuring that a clients’ support network is aligned with their outcomes is a clear winner in treatment success.

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Seventeen callers a day turning to WA's fledgling Meth Helpline - PERTH NOW

Whitehaven Clinic ™ Addiction Recovery Process Program for Teens

When a teen has an addiction issue it’s difficult to know where to start. The Whitehaven Clinic’s™ Teens Program is tailor made for teenagers aged 13 to 19 years old – right down to the way the program is delivered and the language that we use!

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Whitehaven Clinic ™ Gambling Recovery Treatment (GRT) Program

When someone has a gambling addiction, it can be challenging to know where to start to get help. The nature of problematic gambling is that it can destroy a person’s financial stability, their credit rating, and their self-esteem creating massive stress and a self-perpetuating cycle.

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Loving an Addict without Enabling Their Addiction

Ongoing Support Options

We don’t leave you to cope on your own. We offer ongoing contact past the initial Day Rehab Program and encourage you to regularly report your progress.

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Corporate + Workplace

Drug and alcohol use at work is an increasingly common problem. Not only does it affect productivity, it can become a much more serious issue when occupational health and safety requirements are violated.

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Whitehaven Drug Counsellors Banned From Wa Prisons

Prison Program

Addiction Recovery Process Program in Prisons
The prison program is an individualised one-on-one program delivered to private clients in prison.

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The Whitehaven Clinic ™ Ending Patterns of Violence (EPV) Treatment Program

The Ending Patterns of Violence (EPV) Treatment Program is designed to address the underlying root cause of problematic behaviours and violent responses.  

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