Day Rehab Program

Our most popular service is our Addiction Recovery Process Day Rehabilitation Program; an intensive program with you and your recovery team spending up to 20 hours a week together over a 8 – 12 week period (average is between 6 to 8 hours per week).


Our goal is to replace your old, unhealthy life and mindset with new, healthier ones. So we focus on understanding and healing the past – and then rebuilding the future. We’ll design a custom rehab program for you and review it at the end of the first week to make sure everything’s on track. We don’t hold group sessions, and we don’t use a 12 step program. Instead, we believe in self-empowerment so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset long term.


What the Day Rehab Program includes:

  • Intensive one-on-one sessions with our specialist team
  • Up to 20 contact hours a week over an eight to twelve week period
  • Individual rehab program designed to suit you
  • Personality profiling
  • Analysis of the root cause of your addiction
  • A well-being program as part of the recovery journey
  • Complete confidentiality at our discreet private clinic


At The Whitehaven Clinic, we specialise in individualised programs and offer our clients dedicated, one-on-one personalised care. At your initial assessment we will determine your current state of health so that we can develop a treatment plan that specifically addresses your requirements.


Part of your individualised treatment plan may also include referrals for:

  • Testing for blood-borne viruses
  • Liver function tests
  • Naturopathy assessment
  • Blood tests to check for chemical imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, food allergies and seratonin & dopamine levels

Medical Detox

If you are severely dependant on drugs or alcohol, you may need medical detoxification to reduce your physical dependence on the substance before you can begin our Day Rehab Program.

We can arrange:

  • Referral to a medical detox facility, in a hospital or home setting, depending on the severity of your addiction and your stage of change
  • Home-based support during the detox process
  • Naturopathy detox options


The Program Director will determine if medical detoxification is required at your Initial Assessment.


Family Program

People with addictions become increasingly disconnected from their friends, family, work colleagues and the community. It’s as if the whole family has become unwell.


At The Whitehaven Clinic, our goal is the complete restoration of the whole person; bringing them a healthier life and restoring connections with their family and their community.


By including an addict’s family in the recovery process, we can make sure there are no surprises or barriers when they are ready to return to a better and healthier life.


We offer Family Support Counselling to help families be part of the recovery journey and learn how to support their loved ones.


Our family support services:

  • Family Support Counselling
  • Family Support & Education evenings
  • Addictions 101; why they can’t just snap out of it.
  • How to support loved ones during their recovery journey

Ongoing Support Options

We don’t leave you to cope on your own. We offer ongoing contact past the initial Day Rehab Program and encourage you to regularly report your progress.

Our support services can include:

  • On-ongoing one-on-one contact to keep you connected (frequency to be determined by yourself and your Program Director)
  • Regular reporting for feedback and support
  • Weekly well-being phone support sessions with one of our counselling team

Corporate + Workplace

Drug and alcohol use at work is an increasingly common problem. Not only does it affect productivity, it can become a much more serious issue when occupational health and safety requirements are violated.


Under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations Act 1996, it’s every company’s responsibility to have risk management processes in place around alcohol and other drug use in the workplace.


At The Whitehaven Clinic, we see many clients from all levels of the corporate sector. In our experience, employees are very appreciative for the workplace intervention and it often becomes a catalyst for a huge amount of positive change in their life. Our facilities are private, discreet and our services are confidential.We also run Addiction in the Workplace education workshops and can supply guest speakers for corporate events and seminars. For more information on these services, please send us an email.

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Prison Program

Addiction Recovery Process Program in Prisons
The prison program is an individualised one-on-one program delivered to private clients in prison. It contains the same content as the proprietary Addiction Recovery Process (ARP) Program delivered to Whitehaven Clinic clients.


The ARP Program focusses on understanding and resolving the underlying root cause of addictive behaviour, as well as improving levels of healthiness which is based on levels of psychological development. The goal is to assist clients to learn why they do what they do so that they can learn what to do instead of – therefore providing a solid base for recovery. It also addresses specific issues for prisoners facing release.


We currently provide the ARP Program to private clients located at Hakea, Casuarina, Acacia, Karnet and Wooroloo Prisons.


Process of engagement
Step 1: Initial Assessment

Meeting through Official Visits, the client’s Initial Assessment is to determine suitability for the program and their motivation for change. As this is an in-depth transformational program, it is essential that the client is aligned with the program objectives. At the end of this 90 minute session, the client will have an understanding of the underlying reasons for their addictive behaviours and be able to decide if they wish to continue with the program.


Step 2: Completion of the Addiction Recovery Process Program:

If deemed suitable, the client is then take through the Addiction Recovery Process Program on a weekly basis for approximately 8 – 12 weeks. The program is broken into “modules” that replicate what is covered during the day rehab program at The Whitehaven Clinic.


Step 3: Parole Support Report:

On completion of the program, a report is then written for submission to the Prisoner Review Board. This is an in-depth report (about 5-7 pages long) and outlines what the client has covered in the Addiction Recovery Process Program, level of engagement and their progress. This report is designed to address the key criteria outlined in parole requirements. It can also include options for through care at residential rehab, or alternatively continue with day rehab at Whitehaven Clinic on release.


For further information on this program, please contact us by clicking here.