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Opioid drug addiction is a complex issue that requires specialised treatment and support. At The Whitehaven Clinic, our team understand that dealing with problematic opioid use and opioid addiction can be a challenging journey. Your first step to recovery begins with finding the right private opioid rehab centre in Perth that can tailor an individualised program for you.  You do not require a GP referral to become a client at The Whitehaven Clinic.


The Whitehaven Clinic is accredited to deliver the Addiction Recovery Process Program through its day rehab centre in Perth. This is a comprehensive treatment program designed to identify and treat the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours and problematic use. It treats all types of addiction including opioid addiction and problematic use.


Understanding Opioid Addiction


Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone, as well as illicit substances such as heroin. These drugs bind to opioid receptors in the brain, effectively reducing pain and inducing feelings of euphoria. However, prolonged use or prescription misuse can lead to physical dependence and addiction.


If you have become dependent on opioids, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit or reduce use. The intense cravings and discomfort associated with withdrawal can make it challenging for individuals to quit without professional help.


The Whitehaven Clinic’s Day Rehab Program for Opioid Addiction


The Whitehaven Clinic is Perth’s leading private drug rehab centre offering a comprehensive treatment program designed to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of problematic use and opioid addiction. Our carefully constructed day rehab program is tailored to meet your unique treatment needs and provides a supportive and caring environment for recovery.


Your attendance to our program is confidential and your opioid rehab program is delivered one-on-one.  There are no group sessions, nor do we use a 12-step program.  Instead, we use world’s best practice in a proprietary based program that combines different treatment modalities into one comprehensive program.


All program facilitators and counsellors are accredited to use our proprietary based Addiction Recovery Process Program in our day rehab program in Perth.  Our services are delivered to ensure an excellent standard of care and professionalism.


  1. Medical Detoxification

The first step in opioid rehab is often medical detoxification, where individuals are carefully monitored as they withdraw from opioids. We work in conjunction with your medical specialists who will provide support and medication to manage withdrawal symptoms, ensuring the process is as safe and comfortable as possible.  Detox options can be as an inpatient at a hospital setting, or at home under medical supervision of visiting nurses.  This depends on your level of dependency and other health factors that your medical professional will guide you through. After your initial detox is completed, it’s then time to enter our day rehab program in Perth to address the underlying root cause of your addiction to minimise the likelihood of relapse.


  1. Individualised Therapy through our Day Rehab Program

Once the initial detoxification is complete, you will engage in individualised therapy sessions with your program facilitator to address the underlying root cause of your addiction and to provide tools and strategies to move forward with your life.


Day rehab is a structured and comprehensive treatment option designed to provide support and therapeutic interventions for you while you are struggling with problematic use, opioid dependency or opioid addiction.


Unlike residential rehabilitation, you will attend your appointment each day and then return home or to work, allowing you to maintain your daily routines and responsibilities while receiving the necessary support and treatment. Attendance at our Perth day rehab clinic starts daily for the first three weeks and then tapers down over a 12 – 14 week period, with an ongoing maintenance program.


If possible, we recommend that you take three weeks leave for the initial part of your program to ensure that you get the best from the program and are able to focus on your health. This is highly recommended if you are required to do a medical detox.

Opioid Addiction Recovery Programs for Family and Partners


Research shows that family and partners are an important part of a client’s support network, but they also need support and help navigating through the recovery journey of opioid addiction.


Our programs are designed to have separate family and/or partner sessions so that they can learn and develop strategies to best support you in your recovery journey.


Aftercare & Support

Recovery is an ongoing process, and aftercare support is essential for long-term success.  This is why The Whitehaven Clinic provides a maintenance and aftercare program, that includes ongoing counselling and relapse prevention strategies, to ensure continued support after you have completed a day rehab program.


You can do it with our support

To start your Opioid day rehab recovery journey today, call us direct at our Perth clinic on (08) 6454 2510 or you can send us a message via our contact page located HERE.


We can also offer online sessions through zoom or TEAMS for regional or interstate based clients.


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