The “C” Word – Prisons

The “C” Word – Prisons

So, it’s official … the world has gone mad and we’re running out of toilet paper! Although I have to say the cleanliness in prisons has improved hugely which is great news for the germ-phobes amongst us! J

The changing landscape regarding the C-word has meant that there may be some changes in our ability to continue to deliver our prison program in the coming weeks. Our continued access to prisoners doing our Addiction Recovery Process Program will be dependent on policies implemented by Department of Justice as their top priority is to keep prisoners and staff safe. And of course, announcements are being made every day.

Official Visitor Lock Downs

Casuarina Prison

At this stage, the only prison lock-down has been at Casuarina where they have stopped all visitors to the prison. They are unable to give us a return date at this stage but asked us to make contact again in two weeks. We are hopeful that we will be able to continue via skype with our clients at Casuarina although we won’t know for a week or two about this possibility.

Hakea & Acacia Prison

This morning we were contacted by Hakea and Acacia Prisons and asked to complete formal questionnaires asking about flu-like symptoms and travel. At this stage it looks like we will be able to continue visiting clients through official visits.

Melaleuca, Karnet, Wooroloo Prisons

We have not been contacted yet by the other prisons that we work from. At this stage we believe it will be the same protocol as Hakea & Acacia Prisons.

Skype Sessions & Phone Calls

At this stage all skype sessions will continue with prisoners that have booked this as a delivery method at the regional prisons such as Albany, Bunbury, Goldfields, etc.

Additional Skype Sessions & Phone Calls

There has been mention that some prisons will offer an increase in skype availability and phone calls, in place of official visits. We will see if we can access this should the prisons be locked down. And if this does happen, we imagine that this will be somewhat limited so we may have to prioritise prisoners due to their sentencing and parole dates.


As the landscape is constantly changing, we will keep you up to date as best we can. And likewise if you hear anything from your end, please feel free to let us know.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. In the meantime, keep happy and safe and always grab that extra toilet roll whenever you find one!

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