Rethinking Your Drinking

Rethinking Your Drinking

Rethinking Your Drinking

By Carmarlena Murdaca

As more and more social media users are “liking” alcohol, risky drinking is rising. The rule of everything in moderation is a good one to go by if you want to log on for some fun but avoid the sobering consequences of overdrinking with your cyberbuddies while you’re at it.

According to World Health Organization’s most recent Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, alcohol consumption per
capita in Australia remains high by
world standards.

Drug and alcohol counsellor Tabitha Corser points out that reducing your drinking has loads of feel-good benefits. If you are thinking about cutting back on your alcohol intake, she suggests these tips:

  • Take stock of your alcohol intake and recognise how much you are consuming.
  • Note the times of the day when you typically consume more alcohol and look at how this relates to your social media use.
  • Reflect on how your social media use impacts your overall feelings. Do you tend to feel anxious or that you’re missing out? How does this impact your drinking?
  • Consider a social media and alcohol detox, and take note of how this affects your mood.
  • Look at how you focus on your own wellbeing and consider your overall health.
  • Start introducing small changes every week that let you engage more with healthy activities, such as going for 
a walk to unwind instead of logging onto social media or reaching for a drink.
  • If you find the thought of cutting down on your alcohol consumption too challenging, consider seeking professional counselling to look at any underlying causes of your drinking. 
If you need support, call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.


Original Article: https://www.mindfood.com/article/rethinking-your-drinking/