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Are you or someone you know struggling with a gambling addiction? The Whitehaven Clinic’s Addiction Recovery Program for Gambling, delivered at our Perth rehab clinic, can help.


Gambling addiction almost always starts off as a form of entertainment and occasional gambling. However, over time, it can escalate into a compulsive behaviour that takes control of one’s life with often devastating financial and psychological effects.


Most individuals who develop a gambling addiction tend to experience a psychological rush when placing bets and winning. This rush then reinforces the behaviour, leading to a continuous cycle of chasing losses and seeking that same high. As the addiction intensifies, it can lead to financial difficulties, strained relationships, and a decline in mental health.


Understanding the Cycle of a Gambling Addiction


The cycle of gambling addiction is typically characterised by a pattern of behaviour that progresses from occasional gambling to compulsive and harmful habits.


Stage 1: The Winning Phase

The beginnings of gambling addiction starts recreationally with the initial allure of winning, thrill of anticipation and hope of financial gain. The occasional wins during this phase reinforce the belief that gambling can be a source of easy money and provides positive reinforcement, leading individuals to continue to gamble.


Stage 2: The Losing Control Phase

As the initial excitement of winning fades, gamblers typically find themselves losing control with the frequency and intensity of gambling increasing, driven by the desire to recapture the initial high of winning.  As they start to chase losses, they believe that a significant win will solve their financial difficulties or alleviate emotional distress. This phase is characterised by a loss of control over the gambling behaviour, leading to excessive time and money spent on gambling activities.


Stage 3: The Desperation Phase

Continued losses and the inability to control their gambling behaviour can lead gamblers into the desperation phase. During this stage, the negative consequences of gambling usually become more apparent to those around the gambler.  They include noticeable financial stress, strained relationships, depressive episodes and emotional distress including high levels of anxiety. Despite mounting losses and adverse effects, gamblers will often resort to borrowing money, depleting savings, or engaging in high-risk gambling activities in a desperate attempt to recover their losses.


Stage 4: The Rock Bottom Phase

Financial ruin, severe emotional distress, and strained relationships characterise this stage. Individuals may experience feelings of hopelessness, depression, and a sense of being trapped in a cycle of addiction. The consequences of gambling addiction can be devastating, affecting not only the individual but also their loved ones, leading to broken relationships, legal issues, and a decline in overall well-being.

Breaking the Cycle: The Whitehaven Clinic’s Day Rehab Program for Gambling Addiction


The Whitehaven Clinic is accredited to deliver the Addiction Recovery Process Program through its day rehab centre in Perth. This is a comprehensive treatment program for gambling addiction that is designed to identify and treat the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours and problematic use.

Symptoms of a Gambling Addiction

One of the hallmark symptoms of a gambling addiction is the inability to control or stop gambling despite mounting negative consequences and debts. Individuals with a gambling addiction often experience intense cravings to gamble and become preoccupied with thoughts of gambling, leading to a loss of interest in other activities. This preoccupation with gambling can lead to a neglect of responsibilities, including work, family, and personal well-being.


Financial distress is a significant consequence of gambling addiction. Individuals may resort to borrowing money, depleting savings, or engaging in risky financial behaviours to fund their gambling habits. Despite accruing significant debt, they may continue to chase losses in the hope of recouping their money, perpetuating a destructive cycle of financial instability.


Another common symptom of gambling addiction is the need to gamble with increasing amounts of money to achieve the desired level of excitement or satisfaction. This can lead to a tolerance effect, where individuals require larger bets or higher-risk activities to experience the same thrill. Additionally, individuals with a gambling addiction may experience restlessness or irritability when attempting to cut down or stop gambling, further highlighting the compulsive nature of the behaviour.


Psychologically, gambling addiction can have profound negative impact on an individual’s mental health. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness are common among those struggling with gambling addiction, as is suicidal ideation. The stress of financial strain and the inability to control their gambling behaviour can lead to a deterioration of mental well-being, impacting both the individual and their relationships with family and friends.


Addiction Recovery Programs for Family and Partners

The impact of gambling addiction extends beyond the individual, often affecting families and partners as they try to support their loved one by providing loans or stepping in to cover debts. The strain caused by financial instability, emotional distress, and interpersonal conflicts can lead to broken relationships, family breakdowns, and a range of social and legal issues. The Whitehaven Clinic’s day rehab program provides family and partner sessions to help learn and develop strategies to best support you in your recovery journey.


The Whitehaven Clinic’s Day Rehab Program for Gambling Addiction, Perth


The Whitehaven Clinic is Perth’s leading private gambling rehab clinic offering a comprehensive treatment program designed to address the underlying root cause of gambling addiction. Our day rehab program is tailored to meet your unique treatment needs and provides a supportive and caring environment for recovery.


Attendance to our day rehab program is confidential and your gambling rehab program is delivered one-on-one.  There are no group sessions.  We use world’s best practice in a proprietary based program that combines different treatment modalities into one comprehensive program.


All program facilitators and counsellors are accredited to use our proprietary based Addiction Recovery Process Program in our day rehab program in Perth.  Our services are delivered to ensure an excellent standard of care and professionalism.


The Whitehaven Clinic’s Day Rehab Process

Day rehab is a structured and comprehensive treatment option designed to provide support and therapeutic interventions for you while you are struggling with gambling addiction.


The Day Rehab program for gambling addiction is structured so that you will attend your 90-minute appointment each day and then return home or to work, allowing you to maintain your daily routines and responsibilities while receiving the necessary support and treatment. Attendance at our Perth day rehab clinic starts daily for the first three weeks and then tapers down over a 12 – 14 week period, with an ongoing maintenance program.


Aftercare & Support

Recovery is an ongoing process, and aftercare support is essential for long-term success.  This is why The Whitehaven Clinic provides a maintenance and aftercare gambling addiction rehab program, that includes ongoing counselling and relapse prevention strategies, to ensure continued support.


You can do it with our support

To start your recovery journey today, call us direct at our Perth clinic on (08) 6454 2510 or you can send us a message via our contact page located HERE.


We can also offer online sessions through zoom or TEAMS for regional and interstate based clients.

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