Day Rehab FAQS

How does day rehab work?

The Addiction Recovery Process Day Rehab program allows you to focus on overcoming your addiction whilst remaining at home or at work. You come to our clinic during designated timeslots to work one-on-one with your recovery team. Depending on your requirements, the program can take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete, with ongoing support for as long as you need it.


What does the program do?

Your program is a two-pronged attack: firstly we identify the underlying root cause of your addiction; then secondly, we work with you to focus on ‘what to do instead of’ by helping to re-establish what you want in your life.


What if I’m not ready to start a program right now?

Some participants have things they need to arrange prior to committing to a day-rehab program. If this is your situation, we recommend starting with counselling to help prepare yourself for the program. One-on-one counselling will get you started on your recovery journey.


What if I need to detox first?

As part of your initial assessment we will assess your needs and, if necessary, arrange detox for you. Detox can be home or hospital-based depending on your requirements and support mechanisms. Once detox is completed, you will commence the program.


How do I know if this program is right for me?

We conduct an initial assessment with all program participants. If our program isn’t a fit for you, we will tell you and, if required, refer you to an alternative service provider.


Do I have to wait for a specific date to start my program?

No. Because each program is designed according to your unique needs, we can bring you into the program at the time that’s right for you. At your initial assessment, we will determine the best program and start time for you. This may depend on access to detox facilities.


Do you have Health-Service rebates?

Some of the services we offer – including the alternative therapies – do have a Medicare or Health Service rebate depending on the level of private health cover you have. However, our day rehab program is full fee based. Fees will be discussed in detail with you at the Initial Assessment once we know what sort of individualised program is best for you.