Why women are at risk with the two-standard drinks per day rule

Why women are at risk with the two-standard drinks per day rule

I’ve been asked a lot lately by media about how much is too much to be drinking every day. The answer is actually about informed choice – because there is a worrying number of women that are miscalculating what a standard drink is.

If asked, most women would correctly reply that two standard drinks per day is the recommended drinking standard. However, if they were asked to show us how much that would actually be, they would usually get it wrong.Before I Fall 2017 movie trailer

The reason being is that there is a lot to remember about alcohol volume. If your drink of choice is wine, for example, you would probably be unaware that red wine is stronger than white wine. For every 750ml bottle, red wine is equivalent to 7.7 standard drinks, whereas white wine is 6.8 standard drinks.

Then if you consider how much a typical wine glass measures, it’s usually between 275 – 300ml (and that’s without taking into account those HUGE big buckets that we can choose to drink red wine in!). So most women would pour themselves a glass of wine to about two-thirds full – thinking that is one standard drink. But in fact, they’re already at their two standard drink limit and may in fact be over it depending on the size of the glass. But being oblivious to the correct measure, you may then choose to pour yourself another.

The biggest health concern is that women may be drinking 3-4 standard drinks per day in error, thinking that they are drinking within “safe” limits.

Today is the perfect time to take stock of how much you’re actually drinking. It may shock you

Here’s a guide that you can measure up your drink of choice:


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