Whitehaven Clinic ™ Addiction Recovery Process Program for Teens

Addiction recovery program for Teens, find out how we can help you and children turn things around.

When a teen has an addiction issue it’s difficult to know where to start. The Whitehaven Clinic’s™ Teens Program is tailor made for teenagers aged 13 to 19 years old – right down to the way the program is delivered and the language that we use! Our structured program gives the teen, their parents and family members, direction and guidance to the best possible treatment outcomes.


Our program is unique in that it looks at the teen’s treatment requirements, and also incorporates a strong focus on rebuilding relationships within the family. We recognise that parents and family are an important part of the teens recovery network and they each have their own unique treatment needs. Our Teens Program is designed to specifically address the unique issues that each relationship within the family dynamic faces, and provide alternative strategies that work to create positive outcomes.

First Step – Assessing Treatment Needs


The initial assessment is an integral part of setting up the treatment process. During the assessment, our Program Director will be assessing your teens suitability for the program, their readiness for change, as well as determining their personality type and underlying personality-based triggers contributing to their addiction of choice.


When meeting the parent/s, we are looking for additional observations and an understanding of timeline around your teen’s addiction. The Program Director is also looking at the family dynamics and possible conflict and issues within the familial relationships.


All information gathered during the initial assessment is incorporated into the treatment plan which forms the basis of the program sessions going forward.

Second Step: The Treatment Process


The Teens Program consists of a number of one-on-one individualised sessions with both your teen, and yourself as their parent/s, before engaging in joint sessions to work through presenting issues. Our focus on identifying the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours means that your teen is able to understand their core drivers and learn how to regulate their emotionality which in turn helps with better decision making and behaviours.


Dependant on treatment needs, the program will engage your teen for approximately 6 – 8 weeks of treatment, with several reassessment points before exit;


As the parent/s, you will have a minimum of 12 hours of intensive one-on-one contact with a qualified therapist specialising in addiction recovery (can be extended depending on treatment needs);


Our program incorporates family sessions to co-create the best ways to support your teen.

How our program is different:


  • Sessions are tailored specifically to address your teen’s unique treatment needs;
  • In the initial phase of treatment, we work separately with your teen to work through the issues before joint sessions with yourself as the parent/s and/or other family members;
  • We incorporate parents and family into the treatment plan separately as their needs differ and are an important part of the recovery journey for your teen.
  • Structured program looking at the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours therefore we help your teen identify specific issues and resolutions;
  • Give you the best tools and strategies to experience positive outcomes in your relationship with your teen;
  • Each session is between 60 – 90 minutes long allowing for in-depth work (it goes quicker than you think!)
To learn more about our addiction recovery for teens & our family and partner programs and cost, please contact us directly at the clinic on (08) 6454 2510 or email info@whitehavenclinic.com.au and an information pack will be sent through to you.

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