Whitehaven Clinic ™ Addiction Recovery Process Program for Parents & Partners


The one clear leader to increase the likelihood of a client getting better during treatment is having a solid family-based support network. Ensuring that a clients’ support network is aligned with their outcomes is a clear winner in treatment success.

By the time a client reaches The Whitehaven Clinic™, their parents or partner, has often had enough. They have had to deal with the fall out of a client’s unhealthy behaviours, sometimes for years. The parents or partner, can also unwittingly be partaking in unhealthy behaviours – resulting in the relationship becoming toxic and communication has significantly deteriorated and is operating from a place of frustration and anger.

At the Whitehaven Clinic™, we recognize that parents and partners are an important part of the support network and they each have their own unique treatment needs. Our Parents and Partner Program is designed to specifically address the unique issues that each relationship faces, and provide alternative strategies that work to create positive outcomes.

How our program is different:


  • Sessions are tailored specifically to address your unique treatment needs as a parent, or as a partner;
  • In the initial phase of treatment, we work separately with you to work through the issues before joint sessions with the client;
  • Structured program based on personality profiling therefore identifying specific issues and resolutions;
  • Give you the best tools and strategies to get positive outcomes in your relationship;
  • Each session is 90 -120 minutes long allowing for in-depth work (it goes quicker than you think!)

What you will learn:


  • Why your loved one keeps falling back into their addiction of choice;
  • What the key underlying issues are for your loved one to resolve and how is this addressed in their treatment plan;
  • What your loved one’s personality type is and how this is related to their addiction of choice;
  • How to create support strategies that work and build trust;
  • How underlying personality-based triggers are creating conflict in your relationship and the resolution to this;
  • Understand where the trouble spots are and how to avoid them whilst getting your point across;
  • Different communication styles to resolve conflict;
  • How to co-create, implement and hold healthy boundaries that your loved one is in agreement with;
  • What to do when things go wrong.

What does the program consist of:


  • Three one-on-one individualised sessions (can be extended if requested);
  • Six hours of intensive one-on-one contact with a qualified therapist specialising in addiction recovery (can be extended if requested);
  • Recommended reading materials

To learn more about addiction recovery for our family and partner programs and cost, please contact us directly at the clinic on (08) 6454 2510 or email info@whitehavenclinic.com.au and an information pack will be sent through to you.

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