About us

Who We Are

The Whitehaven Clinic is a specialised day rehabilitation centre dealing in addiction treatment and recovery using a unique and highly-successful Whole of Life approach. Our highly-personalised, intensive programs are designed for clients who want to remain connected with their families, work and support mechanisms whilst completing a recovery program.  No GP referral is required as you can self-refer to our service.

A new, positive way of thinking

Addiction is not an illness. Substance use and addictive behaviours are caused by underlying factors which create the dependency. Whether your problem is with alcohol, drugs or gambling, we’ll help you discover the root cause of your addiction and then show you practical ways to overcome it. Our goal is to replace your old, unhealthy life and mindset with new, healthier ideals and goals. Our programs help create permanent solutions to sobriety and non-addiction by offering a personalised, holistic treatment plan for each individual client.

The people behind The Whitehaven Clinic

Tabitha Corser is the founder and Program Director of The Whitehaven Clinic. As a personality profiler who has studied in the US, UK and Japan for the past 25 years, Tabitha’s specialty is identifying the root-cause of addictive behaviours. This is fundamental for clients to help them understand the root cause triggers and behaviours leading to problematic drug and alcohol use.


A strong advocate for opening the dialogue around addressing drug, alcohol and gambling addiction, Tabitha frequently appears in the media commenting on government strategies, funding for drug rehabilitation centres and dispersing the myths of addiction. She has appeared on Today Tonight, Channel 7 and Channel 9 news and The Daily Edition – as well as speaking on Gary Adshead’s 6PR morning talkback show, ABC radio, and been quoted in articles in The West Australian, Sunday Times and Herald Sun, as well as numerous online mediums and blogs.


Tabitha is the creator of the Addiction Recovery Process Program – a program of work designed to assist clients in identifying the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours as well as a road map to improving the overall quality of life for clients.


Tabitha created the Addiction Recovery Process Program that is delivered to private clients in all metro and regional prisoners in Western Australia. As a Department of Justice Authorised Visitor, Tabitha and her team provide one-on-one counselling using the Addiction Recovery Process Program for prisoners facing a wide range of addiction issues.


Prior to establishing The Whitehaven Clinic, Tabitha trained as a Drug & Alcohol Office (DAO) Drug & Alcohol Counsellor and spent 4½ years as a counsellor at Mission Australia’s South East Metro Community Drug Team. In this team she worked with a diversity of self-referred and court-mandated clients. She was also the facilitator of the Brief Intervention Drug & Alcohol Program at Hakea Prison working directly with self-referred maximum security prisoners.

What We Do

Addiction is not an illness

Addiction of any kind is a deeply destructive force. It not only negatively impacts the life of the addict, but it also has a massive impact on those around them; their family, friends, work colleagues and their community.


People use their addiction as a coping strategy. They see it as a way to self-soothe or self-medicate in an effort to feel good about themselves again. And yes, it works for a short time. Then as the use itself becomes problematic, it brings with it a host of other issues; financial, personal, legal – and starts to seriously affect relationships, families and careers.


Addiction is never about the substance itself – it’s always about what the substance is trying to cover in an effort to avoid, deny or forget. We call this the root cause of the addiction problem and it’s the key to our successful treatment.

Getting to the root cause of the problem

At The Whitehaven Clinic, we help people who have problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions. Our goal is the complete restoration of the whole person; bringing them a healthier life and restoring connections with their family and their community. This Whole of Life perspective is a fresh, innovative way of approaching the problem and dealing with the root cause of the addiction.

We replace unhealthy with healthy

Once we’ve worked one-on-one with our clients to clearly identify the root cause of their addiction, we can begin the restoration process. Our methods are sometimes complex, but our goal is very simple to understand. We aim to replace your unhealthy, destructive lifestyle with a new, positive healthy one.

Our Specialities

Addiction treatment and recovery

The Whitehaven Clinic specialises in the treatment and recovery of those people with:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction

Whatever the addiction, there is always a root cause. Once we have identified the reasons behind your particular addiction, we can focus on developing a better quality of life.

Our Addiction Recovery Process Program provides you with the solutions and strategies to address your addiction issues. We can help guide you from an unhealthy state of mind into a healthier, happier place where you will reduce the need to self-soothe through drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other addictive behaviours.

If you are looking for addiction counselling in Perth, contact the team at The Whitehaven Clinic today.